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Ruston 6VRK


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Rattling Monsters Exhibition

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Steam Section


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Gardner Exhibition 2004

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Doxford Engine


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MAN Diesel Engine being restored


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Diesel Exhibition 2008


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Ruston VXA rescue and restoration


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Random files - Engines at the Museum
looking good.jpg
View of display area outside Gardner Room3213 viewsVarious display cabinets added to the exhibition of engines, giving insights into the Gardner family history.
Injector nozzle 2545 viewsRuston VXA
Foundations after engine removed3070 views
6514 viewsIt was used for for the studio lighting of such Classics as

Passport To Pimlico
Another Shore
Whiskey Galore
Kind Hearts and Coronets

To name just a few.
A nice photo exists of Miss Gracie Fields starting the engine.

Here are some of the numbers found but no serial number2464 viewsRuston VXA - any help with year of build, bhp, etc appreciated
Blow lamps.jpg
4T5 being lit by blow lamp4159 views
Arched window into the Gardner Room2771 viewsthis lovely arched window and wall was constructed by Geoff Baker to help partition of the Gardner room
different view of 4T53729 views

Last additions - Engines at the Museum
original lubricators3312 viewsSep 26, 2011
Info on S S Stott Company3089 viewsSep 26, 2011
Mayor of Cheshire East makes a short speech of welcome3042 viewsGeoff Challinor in foregroundSep 26, 2011
view of the whole engine3047 viewsand viewing platformsSep 26, 2011
once the engine is running visitors are invited up on the platform 2987 viewsto inspect the engine under the guidance of our volunteersSep 26, 2011
there wasn't an inch that didn't get photographed3044 viewsSep 26, 2011
view from the back2988 viewsSep 26, 2011
everything was polished and ready2947 viewsSep 26, 2011