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1000 Engine Rally 2007 – inside our stall1794 viewsOn display between the crate and the replica was the Tangye ‘Inverted’ Gas Engine, Built c1903, Engine No 888. Presented to Birmingham Science Museum by Tangye Ltd, Smethwick. Thought to be the only surviving example of the inverted vertical. Has typical Tangye mechanical oiler. Has been in store for several years and is now on loan for the Tangye Exhibition at the museum. Our sincere thanks to the Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery for permission to take the engine to the 1000 Engine Rally.
1000 Engine Rally 2007 – inside our stall1277 viewsvisitor intrigued by the crated Blackstone engine.

Blackstone Type JPI, HP 16, RPM 800, Engine Number JPL 83L 301. It had been sent to the African Water Technology Exhibition, Nairobi, Kenya in 1982 where it was on Stand No 109 driving a water pump. It was recently found (still crated) having been returned from the Exhibition to the Mirrlees factory in 1982. It had lain forgotten about for 25 years!
1000 Engine Rally 2007 – inside our stall1272 viewsview of our small shop at the rally from the door of the marquee
1000 Engine Rally 2007 – inside our stall1299 viewsfilm show ready for the performance Friday night, we just had to wait for it to be dark enough
1000 Engine Rally 2007 – inside our stall1313 viewslooking across out stall towards the display engines
1000 Engine Rally 2007 – inside our stall1303 viewsdisplay board telling people about some of the engines we had to leave behind
1000 Engine Rally 20071507 viewsGeoff on right and Arthur Griffin on left receiving their cheques from the FCVMO committee on Saturday 23rd June 2007
1000 Engine Rally 20071572 viewsAndrew Wild presents Geoff with the giant cheque - hang on tight, it might blow away
1000 Engine Rally 20071506 viewsAndrew Wild in middle presents cheques to Geoff on left and Arthur Griffin on right
1000 Engine Rally 2007 – Saturday night at the museum1666 viewsMcCarthy Coaches of Macclesfield gave the museum a generous discount when we hired three coaches to bring visitors over from the show ground - allowing prices to be held at 2006 prices
1000 Engine Rally 2007 – Saturday night at the museum1509 viewsone of the car park marshalls keeping everyone in order
1000 Engine Rally 2007 – Saturday night at the museum1562 viewsKees Fitter over from Holland on his annual pilgrimage
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