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Last additions - IDGTE Heritage Award + Closing Weekend Oct 06
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Visiting engines arrived from 08:001141 viewsto get set up for a 10:00 start - the extra hour in bed certainly helpedOct 30, 2006
Doxford timing chain and big end1221 viewson display in Memorial Building. A "Guess the weight of the big end" competition proved popular.Oct 30, 2006
Crowd gathers to view the Ruston Hornsby 6H1218 viewsOct 30, 2006
Comfy chairs in the video area1210 viewswere a welcome relief for people to relax and catch their breathOct 30, 2006
view of steam engines and A frame in trailer1208 viewsthese made a welcome addition to the rally areaOct 30, 2006
view down through the main room1178 viewsOct 30, 2006
view across museum towards cinema area1354 viewsOct 30, 2006
Paxman Ricardo sectioned engine1216 viewsgreat favourite with visitorsOct 30, 2006
some of the models on display1311 viewstwo models were displayed on the Saturday with a different four models running on the SundayOct 30, 2006
Ruston Hornsby 6H1282 viewsone of seven engines that were run in the main room. This was the first time the engine had been run for 12 months since an old repair to the inlet valve rocker pin had failed.Oct 30, 2006
Selection of engines at the rally1237 viewsarea between the two building was used for the rallyOct 30, 2006
Geoff shows off the Heritage Award1426 viewsanother award for the museum's wall of fameOct 30, 2006
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