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Running the Gardner 4T5 for the guests242 viewsMidsummer Mingle 2008
Visitors assemble at far end of the Gardner Room1772 views
Blow lamps.jpg
4T5 being lit by blow lamp1755 views
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View of the Gardner room1863 viewsTaken standing beside the 4T5 and looking up the room
Gardner 4t5495 viewsby David Steeden
Night of the Museum289 viewsThe Gardner 4T5 is spectacular at night
Gardner 4T5 being prepared2127 viewsA crowd gathers to watch the Gardner 4T5 being warmed up and run. This impressive engine always draws a crowd of admirers.
Watching the Gardner 4T5 running348 views
Midsummer Mingle 2007332 viewsThe Gardner 4T5 was called into service to entertain the crowd
Crowd gathers to view the Gardner 4T51813 viewsassembling in front of the large Gardner the crowd anticipate it being lit and run
MG Car Club members around the Gardner 4T5189 viewsthe large Gardner is always of interest for visitors. They are hearing all about the engine before it is run.
Crowding round to see the Gardner 4T5 being run190 viewsDoxford Engine Friend's Association (DEFA) June 2008
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