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We need a bigger car park!436 viewsMidsummer Mingle 2008
Stott Steam Engine1086 viewsalthough not new to the museum, we had this engine turning over on electric power on Sunday 10th September for the first time. The restoration project is making fantastic progress. The volunteers have replaced the big end bearings, the air pump condenser has been put into place and they are now working on the difficult job of lining up the rocking beam mechanism. Our plan is to have the engine in steam in 2007, funds and resources willing.
Midsummer Mingle 2007490 viewswhatever happened to Big Fred?
Institute of Road Transport Engineers300 viewsGardner engines, synonymous with road transport, were a big attraction during the tour
Doxford timing chain and big end313 viewson display in Memorial Building. A "Guess the weight of the big end" competition proved popular.
View of exhibition displays1124 viewsLeft is sectioned Paxman Ricardo engine, then pieces of the Doxford single-cylinder engine (timing chain, big end, control panel, etc) then screen where videos about Diesel were played throughout the season.
Bedding the big end bearing to the crank978 viewsRuston VXA
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