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The next load arrives on a glorious sunny day1890 viewsCrank shaft and water brake - each weighing 17 tons
The load can be seen in front of the crane1675 viewsThe crankshaft and water brake prior to unloading
The water brake is hooked up ready to unload1598 viewsThe Sutton crane is ready to lift the 17 ton weight
Crane unloads the Water Brake weighing 17 tons1608 views
Crankshaft being unloaded by the Sutton crane1582 viewsUnloading continues
17 ton crank being lowered into place1850 viewsbelow the crank you can see the giant flywheel
Don Foden applies preventative oil against rust2764 viewsDon is an ex-Mirrlees man. He was the engine-build and test foreman then Plant Manager. He grins and tells people he now brushes up at the Anson.
Flywheel arriving at the museum 2nd April 20073038 viewsThe 25 ton flywheel can be seen as the lorry arrives in the museum drive
The giant flywheel only just manages to fit up the museum drive1723 viewsThe flywheel can be seen just skirting the tree on the left
I don't think they will manage to lift it off on their own1737 viewsPreparing the 25 ton flywheel for unloading
Left a bit1466 viewsGeoff Baker helps the crane driver position the flywheel during its unloading
25 ton flywheel being placed into position1656 viewsin its final resting place - for now
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