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Deep discussions about a model gas engine545 viewsRoy Gregory and Mike White discuss the finer points of a model
1000 Engine Rally 2007 – inside our stall427 viewsOn display between the crate and the replica was the Tangye ‘Inverted’ Gas Engine, Built c1903, Engine No 888. Presented to Birmingham Science Museum by Tangye Ltd, Smethwick. Thought to be the only surviving example of the inverted vertical. Has typical Tangye mechanical oiler. Has been in store for several years and is now on loan for the Tangye Exhibition at the museum. Our sincere thanks to the Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery for permission to take the engine to the 1000 Engine Rally.
1913 18hp P type National gas engine, serial no. 29294 was used in the Bradford area at a sewage treatment works.1144 views
1920 Bates & Scholes 34hp gas engine. Serial no 5117 was used for wood turning on Cornbrook Rd, Old Trafford, Manchester.2085 views
3 cylinder vertical National gas engine2109 views
1920 National gas engine1060 views
National gas engine1007 views
1924 National P type gas engine977 views
1902 Tangye gas engine. Serial no. 7684 produced 20hp on town gas and drove a paint mill on Paisley Rd in Glasgow1564 views
1920 34hp Bates & Scholes gas engine921 views
1886 Crossley vertical gas engine s/no 9838984 views
Crossley GE112 gas engine1076 views
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