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Magnificent old lock318 viewsthis lock is part of the display around the A-frame steam engine
The clock doesn't lie175 viewsSouth Manchester MG Owners Club members at the end of the Cheshire Romp, 13 July 2008
Blocks ready to be go in place152 views
1000 Engine Rally 2007 inside our stall159 viewsthe crowd flocked to see the Atkinson engine
Turn the Clocks Back Rally under cover158 viewsowners of the visiting rally engines take welcome shelter in the shell of the new building during the Closing Weekend October 2005
front of museum a.JPG
View of front of museum 2006925 viewsShows the main entrance (under the clock) and the new memorial building at the side
Chairman of the IMechE Heritage Committee wows the volunteers with her footwear1003 viewsthey have measuring tapes up the back.

Prof Isobel Pollock - Chairman of IMechE Heritage Committee
another of Rod Ellis's sketches546 viewsshowing Poynton Towers and clock, this can be seen in our Local History area
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