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Geoff welcomes the distnguished guests348 viewsGeoff welcomes the Mayor of Macclesfield and Trevor Owen, President of the IDGTE
Mayor of Macclesfield303 viewsMayor of Macclesfield explains how important the museum is to the Borough.

Trevor Owen, President of IDGTE in background
Sir Nicholas Winterton, Trevor Owen and Jim Crockatt (Mayor of Macclesfield)337 viewssome of the visitors entranced with Geoff's explanation
Geoff Challinor invites the Mayor of Cheshire East to say a few words747 viewshe described the museum as the jewel in the crown at the North West end of the County
Walter Higgenbotham, Mayor of Cheshire East and Mayor of Poynton947 viewsrelax and discuss the engine after its inaugral run
bj few words from the mayor.jpg
Mayor of Macclesfield says a few words465 viewsPhoto courtesy of Barry Job
bj jon chats to the mayor.jpg
Jon Leigh explains exhibits to Mayor and Mayoress of Macclesfield448 viewsphotograph courtesy of Barry Job
bj niall and other dignitaries.jpg
Niall is congratulated by Mayor, Sir Nicholas Winterton and Geoff look on465 viewsPhoto courtesy of Barry Job
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Niall removes the curtain to show off the plaque468 viewsPhoto courtesy of Barry Job
bj the unveiling.jpg
The unveiling is captured for posterity475 viewsPhoto courtesy of Barry Job
Presenting the Heritage Award815 viewsfrom the left
Geoff Challinor, Tim Leverton, Thelma Jackson (Mayor of Borough of Macclesfield) Colin Brown, IMechE’s Engineering Director
Geoff shows the Mayor around the Rattling Monster exhibits409 viewsTree Planting Ceremony 18th September 2008
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