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Display cabinets outside Gardner room1204 viewsmany additional items were loaned to the museum to display during the exhibition including photographs and trinkets from the Gardner family
Visitors assemble at far end of the Gardner Room2120 views
Geoff moving some heavy equipment762 viewsoff the car park to make room for the Easter rally
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View of the Gardner room2198 viewsTaken standing beside the 4T5 and looking up the room
Members of the Heywood Society in the Gardner Room389 views
North West Veteran Car Club Sunday 13th April 2008363 viewsseveral of the club members gather in the Rattling Monster room to see them running
View across the Rattling Monster room752 views
Ready to shoot in Rattling Monster room337 viewsFilming for the Channel M "Fun for the Family" at the museum.
New shelving in archive room720 viewsWorking Weekend 23/24 March 2007

Over 35 people turned up to help give the museum a spring clean and a fresh coat of paint ready for the Easter opening of the season
Ruston Hornsby 6H464 viewsone of seven engines that were run in the main room. This was the first time the engine had been run for 12 months since an old repair to the inlet valve rocker pin had failed.
Visitors book and displays of local attractions1053 viewsLooking down main room
New cafe seating area1104 viewsoutside the Gardner room
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