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1000 Engine Rally 2007 inside our stall320 viewsview of our small shop at the rally from the door of the marquee
View of the main museum buildings from the car park1013 viewsThis is a picture of the outside of the engine museum before refurbishment.
view from the gallery850 views
birm close up 2.jpg
Gear wheels of 1bhp engine from the back1199 viewsDetailed view of the first style of the Crossley Brothers Atmospheric-Free Piston engine; it is rated at 1 horsepower
birm close up.jpg
Close up of the 1bhp engine showing makers plate1567 viewsThis engine is in lovely condition as can be seen in this close up view
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better view of the winch1305 viewsthe winch that can be seen in the background is the original that was used with this engine. It is in the process of being connected so it can raise a crane jib
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Engine with viewing platform in the background1085 viewsTo allow visitors a closer view of the governor and working mechanisms a viewing platform has been built
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Front view of 3bhp showing makers plate1266 viewsIn fantastic condition for its age (built 1877) this view shows the gear detail from the front and the makers plate
bristol close up back 2.jpg
Close up of gears from the back of the engine1356 viewsview showing more of the detail of the gears from the back of the engine
bristol close up back 3.jpg
another close up view of the gears on the 3bhp1173 viewsview from the back showing the gears in detail
bristol close up back.jpg
Close up of the gear wheels1033 viewsDetailed view of the gears and mechanisms on the 3bhp engine
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View of the Gardner room2198 viewsTaken standing beside the 4T5 and looking up the room
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