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bristol atmos 2.jpg
better view of the winch914 viewsthe winch that can be seen in the background is the original that was used with this engine. It is in the process of being connected so it can raise a crane jib
bristol atmos 4.jpg
3bhp Crossley Atmospheric Engine1028 viewsThis engine belonged to W Butler & Co, tar distillers, Silverthorne Lane, St Philips, Bristol BS2. It was used to drive a winch and crane jib for barge unloading.

The original winch can be seen in the background of the picture
bristol atmos.jpg
3bhp engine with one week to go to the Exhibition1429 viewslooking almost bare now that it can be seen connected up to the winch, exhaust pipe and gas pipes in place
Midsummer Mingle 2007251 viewsGeoff demonstrates how the winch works on the 3HP Crossley Atmospheric engine
Gardner 2LW1212 views24 bhp at 1200 rpm
Engine no 169677 built between 1 July 1969 and 2 January 1970
Used on a ship to drive a winch unit until 1999
line up.jpg
Closer view of the line up1010 viewsthis shows a clearer view of the engines and the connection between the large engine and the winch
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