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Exhibition area takes shape1125 views
snow snow everywhere1125 viewsthe snow lasted until mid morning when the sun started to melt it, here it surrounds the Ruston Hornsby (Stockport type)
Tim gets ready to fit the exhaust system1125 viewsto the mobile Crossley generator, one of the engines we displayed at the 1000 Engine Rally
Admiring the JCB Dieselmax engine1125 viewsIMechE members visit the museum 9th September 2008
Roof for steam engine building and new building are at 90 degrees to each other1124 views
setting up.JPG
Poynton Show 2006, Margaret sets up the stand1124 views
Shot 41124 viewsfor the first time at the museum, June 2008.

It hadn't been run since the 1970's
Tony G from the Stationary Engine Forum1122 viewsover the Easter opening weekend
Front of steam engine building given a new look to match the new building1121 views
Ready 4 floor.jpg
New floor being laid, storage area 20051120 views
finished view of the stone laid in front of spoil heap1120 views
In the Gardner Room1119 viewsTaken during the Saturday night visit from the 1000 Engine Rally
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