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Series of photographs starting the 4L2 for the first time (3)2844 viewsafter its restoration work - just prior to the EHHS presentation May 2005
2836 viewsDuring 1906, the Admiralty specification required lightweight diesel engines for the propulsion of pinnaces and Mirrlees designed a four cylinder unit of 120 BHP at 400 r.p.m. These engines had bed plates of aluminium and columns of manganese bronze. The piston diameter was 9 and three quarter inches with a stroke of 12 inches.
line up 2.jpg
Looking along the line of engines towards the large 3bhp engine2834 viewsthis magnificent line up is unique! It contains the replica 1/4 bhp engine; the 1bhp and the 3bhp
Geoff Baker double checks everything is ready2824 views1st public running of Largest Steam Engine in Cheshire
The Aktinson engine creates interest2821 viewsearly on Easter Sunday the unusual engine gets the imagination going - the engine was coaxed into life later in the day.
shows the engine plate and the restoration work2821 views
Roger entertains.jpg
Roger demonstrates the 4T5 to visitors2813 viewswe use this view on one of our electronic jigsaws
close up during restoration work2804 viewsshowing top of cylinder
Hornsby oil engine November 2010 - original shed at the Estate2804 viewsEngine number 54410, sold new December 1920
Ian & John at work.jpg
Foundations for lean to being laid, summer 2003, John and Ian2802 views
Beam engine running2802 views
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