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inside the water jacket2219 viewsRuston VXA
Looking down the bore of the cylinder2206 viewsRuston VXA
Injector nozzle 2202 viewsRuston VXA
Gardner 4T5 being videod by Granada2195 viewsthe museum will be featured in an episode of "What's On" to be screened Aug 2006
Tim Leverton displays the IMechE's Heritage Award2187 viewsGroup Engineering Director & JCB Dieselmax Director
bristol close up back.jpg
Close up of the gear wheels2183 viewsDetailed view of the gears and mechanisms on the 3bhp engine
exhibition line~0.jpg
Looking back down the row of engines2181 viewsLarge engine in foreground, other verticals at back - looking back towards the stained glass windows from the Vulcan Foundry
Cylinder head2174 viewsRuston VXA
Poster used to publicise the Exhibition2173 views
One of the four cylinders2160 viewsRuston VXA, we have tried to save as much of the original paint work as possible (including some lining) but due to the badly peeling paintwork a lot had to be stripped
Looking better already as cleaning process starts2156 viewsRuston VXA
Ready for your close-up Geoff?2146 viewsanother film crew taking video shots to make into a short promotion about the museum for use at the Cheshire & Warrington Tourist Board Award ceremony
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