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Geoff explains how the atmospheric engine works2367 viewsMuseums at Night
1955 Crossley 16hp diesel engine serial no. 145173. This was an instructional engine used at Chesterfield College of Technology2287 views
Sketch in more detail2205 viewsThe museum makes an ideal venue for photographers, painters and sketchers to practice their skills
1920 Bates & Scholes 34hp gas engine. Serial no 5117 was used for wood turning on Cornbrook Rd, Old Trafford, Manchester.2202 views
Members of the Sheffield & District Society of Model & Expermental Engineers2193 views
View across the Rattling Monster room2072 views
The Aktinson engine creates interest2066 viewsearly on Easter Sunday the unusual engine gets the imagination going - the engine was coaxed into life later in the day.
Outside watching the Mirrlees running2055 viewsSouth Manchester MG Owners Club members watching the engines being run at the end of the Cheshire Romp, 13 July 2008
National 25hp gas engine serial no. 176591825 views
Geoff Challinor outside the museum main building.1822 views
Part funding for the new building came from WREN - see description1816 viewsThe museum had been successful in raising some of the money for the new building thanks to Landfill Tax credit funding of 25,000 from the Waste Recycling Group Ltd, administered by WREN. It also raised further contributions from the Cheshire Rural Tourism Development Grant Scheme to enhance the experience for visitors, especially those that make such efforts to visit Cheshire. This still however left a large proportion of the costs to be met by the museum funds.
Ian & John at work.jpg
Foundations for lean to being laid, summer 2003, John and Ian1748 views
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