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Top rated - Doxford Engine
Next stage of the dismantling process4400 viewsTaken at the college w/c 2 Oct 2006.

Photograph courtesy of Maurice Clyde
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The next load arrives on a glorious sunny day3972 viewsCrank shaft and water brake - each weighing 17 tons22222
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Fit Fly Wheel 2.jpg
Crankshaft being lowered4052 viewsWhen the engine was installed at the Marine College in Oct 1967.
Photograph courtesy of Maurice Clyde
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The load can be seen in front of the crane3378 viewsThe crankshaft and water brake prior to unloading22222
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Flywheel arriving at the museum 2nd April 20074844 viewsThe 25 ton flywheel can be seen as the lorry arrives in the museum drive22222
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View of the crankshaft3738 viewsPhotograph courtesy of Maurice Clyde, taken w/c 16 October 2006 whilst engine being dismantled22222
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First stages of the dismantling4130 viewsTaken at the college last week September, 2006 by Maurice Clyde.22222
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Engine information board4283 viewsDetails of the engine that were displayed at the college11111
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Next stage of the dismantling at the college3794 viewsPhotograph courtesy of Maurice Clyde taken at South Shields college w/c 16th Oct 200611111
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Crane unloads the Water Brake weighing 17 tons3269 views11111
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Dox Engineers.jpg
Engineers at college5669 viewsThe engineers at the college when the engine was installed in Oct 1967.
Photograph courtesy of Maurice Clyde
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Don Foden applies preventative oil against rust4433 viewsDon is an ex-Mirrlees man. He was the engine-build and test foreman then Plant Manager. He grins and tells people he now brushes up at the Anson.11111
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