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Deep in conversation1586 viewsSome of our "Friends" sorting out the cares of the world33333
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Ian & John at work.jpg
Foundations for lean to being laid, summer 2003, John and Ian2799 views33333
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Looking along the line of engines towards the large 3bhp engine2831 viewsthis magnificent line up is unique! It contains the replica 1/4 bhp engine; the 1bhp and the 3bhp33333
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Crank being fitted3994 viewsWhen the engine was installed at the Marine College in Oct 1967.
Photograph courtesy of Maurice Clyde
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Poster - Ruston1943 views33333
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It was lifted out in one piece after cylinder were taken off2856 viewsRuston VXA in workshop prior to restoration and cleaning33333
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George Osborne MP and family in background watch on1568 viewsGeoff demonstrates the 3HP Crossley atmospheric engne33333
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Hedge hopping1799 viewsa cheer went up as the pilot released the smoke from the plane33333
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Rattling Monster room was never empty1434 views33333
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Arched window into the Gardner Room2544 viewsthis lovely arched window and wall was constructed by Geoff Baker to help partition of the Gardner room33333
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