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Series of photographs starting the 4L2 for the first time (5)2762 viewsafter its restoration work - just prior to the EHHS presentation May 200533333
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Geoff on Ealing Engine.jpg
Geoff on top of Ruston engine that came from Ealing Studios2231 views33333
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Gardner 4FHM showing the vaporising lamp2454 views33333
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National diesel engine2264 views33333
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Replica engine from the left3157 viewsReplica engine from the left33333
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3223 viewsMirrlees designed 'Ricardo' sleeve valve engines, one type having a bore of 5.5 inches and a stroke of 6.5 inches, developing 20 BHP per cylinder at 900 r.p.m., and the other with a bore of 17 inches and stroke of 21.5 inches, developing 50 BHP per cylinder at 200 r.p.m.

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First stages of the dismantling3958 viewsTaken at the college last week September, 2006 by Maurice Clyde.33333
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25 ton flywheel being placed into position3179 viewsin its final resting place - for now33333
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Crankshaft being unloaded by the Sutton crane3131 viewsUnloading continues33333
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line up.jpg
Closer view of the line up2556 viewsthis shows a clearer view of the engines and the connection between the large engine and the winch33333
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17 ton crank being lowered into place3426 viewsbelow the crank you can see the giant flywheel33333
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Visitors assemble at far end of the Gardner Room3816 views33333
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