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Showing engine above and pump below 2551 views33333
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Ian checks for any problems on the Brotherhood1338 viewsafter the initial run we removed the side covers and checked the bearing temperatures, everything was okay33333
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Students from Lycée Polyvalent Gaspard Monge watch Gardner 4t5 being lit1942 viewsAlthough not officially open for the season we have already been playing host to clubs visiting the area. On 18th March we had 15 European Honda Engine Dealers visit and on 19th a coach of 46 students and teachers from the Lycée Polyvalent Gaspard Monge which is in Savigny sur Orge, just south of Paris. 33333
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Trinity House info board re Serk Lighthouse1564 views33333
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RR Griffon being run, what a fantastic noise1533 viewsRR Griffon engine at Closing Weekend 200933333
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Russell Newbery Centenary Dinner - October 20091446 viewsWatching the Gardner 4t5 coming to life33333
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Admiring the progress on the giant model1500 views33333
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Mike fashions the hot metal1978 views33333
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Paul explains how the Bisschop engine works1574 views33333
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Paul lighting the blow lamps on the Gardner 4T51620 views33333
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Geoff explains how the atmospheric engine works3273 viewsMuseums at Night33333
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Replica engine on display in the Memorial building1442 viewsReplica of Diesel's engine that was built in 1897 and is considered to be the first diesel engine. It had been preceded by two experimental motors in 1882/93 and 1894. However, they did not work satisfactorily.

Replica built for MAN Truck & Bus to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Diesel's birth, 2008.
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