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Gardner 8HF2622 views30 bhp, Engine No 26965 built in 192644444
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View of Gardner room looking towards the 4T52493 views44444
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bristol close up back 3.jpg
another close up view of the gears on the 3bhp2462 viewsview from the back showing the gears in detail44444
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bristol atmos 2.jpg
better view of the winch2734 viewsthe winch that can be seen in the background is the original that was used with this engine. It is in the process of being connected so it can raise a crane jib44444
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2090 views44444
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Martin who has carried out most of the cleaning and restoration of the Ruston VXA 2853 views44444
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3622 views'J' engine with a bore of 9.75 by 10.5 stroke, was made in 3,4,5,6 and 8 cylinders in-line and 8, 12 and 16 cylinders Vee form covering a range of 135 to 2,480 BHP at 600 to 1000 r.p.m.44444
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birm close up 3.jpg
Close up of the gear wheels on the First Style Crossley Atmospheric2759 viewsDetails of the gears and mechanisms show in this shot44444
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Oldest known National Gas Engine1807 viewsis running within 24 hours of its arrival at the museum. Wayne Timms & Dave Allen work with Geoff Challinor during the Volunteer Working Weekend44444
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Stott Steam Engine2474 viewsalthough not new to the museum, we had this engine turning over on electric power on Sunday 10th September for the first time. The restoration project is making fantastic progress. The volunteers have replaced the big end bearings, the air pump condenser has been put into place and they are now working on the difficult job of lining up the rocking beam mechanism. Our plan is to have the engine in steam in 2007, funds and resources willing.44444
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Crossley Slide Valve Gas Engine2536 viewsThe engine arrived on loan from the Trustees of the National Museum of Scotland, 25th July 2006 44444
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birm close up 2.jpg
Gear wheels of 1bhp engine from the back2708 viewsDetailed view of the first style of the Crossley Brothers Atmospheric-Free Piston engine; it is rated at 1 horsepower 44444
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