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Before the crowd arrives1276 viewsEric from the milk bar tries to take a photograph up the main room - caught out by our own cameraman00000
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1900 Crossley O type1284 viewsTrevor and Pete starting the Crossley in the main room00000
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Doxford timing chain and big end1202 viewson display in Memorial Building. A "Guess the weight of the big end" competition proved popular.00000
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Crowd gathers to view the Ruston Hornsby 6H1198 views00000
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Comfy chairs in the video area1190 viewswere a welcome relief for people to relax and catch their breath00000
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some of the models on display1286 viewstwo models were displayed on the Saturday with a different four models running on the Sunday00000
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Robert Jackson gets his hands dirty1516 views00000
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1416 views00000
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1415 views00000
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Name plate on Paxman Ricardo1480 viewsMore detail on the Ricardo00000
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More "Friends" discussing merits of the model1482 viewsGood selection of models in the shed helped people dodge some of the showers00000
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Winner of Les Cawley Memorial Award, Poynton Show 20061511 views00000
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