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close up of cam shaft3100 views22222
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Restoration work on the MAN Diesel - cylinder head inlet and exhaust valves2914 viewsin preparation for the Diesel Exhibition.22222
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Looking down the exhibition area towards Mirrlees No 12645 viewsFirst diesel engine ever built in the UK (in Glasgow) 1897. Also the 3rd ever to have been built in the world.22222
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Bright work beautifully polished for the occasion3486 views22222
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Fit Fly Wheel 2.jpg
Crankshaft being lowered3982 viewsWhen the engine was installed at the Marine College in Oct 1967.
Photograph courtesy of Maurice Clyde
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The load can be seen in front of the crane3315 viewsThe crankshaft and water brake prior to unloading22222
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Don and Graham working on the MAN Diesel2953 viewsin preparation for the Diesel Exhibition22222
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another view of the Stott2746 viewslooking from the back towards the front of the engine22222
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Visitors were invited to comment on the Exhibition2459 views22222
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MAN Serial number 3944154 viewsdelivered 20th November 1903 to University of Birmingham22222
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gc working 2.jpg
Geoff works on the large engine2567 viewsTurning the flywheel before running the 3bhp engine22222
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Flywheel arriving at the museum 2nd April 20074786 viewsThe 25 ton flywheel can be seen as the lorry arrives in the museum drive22222
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