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Blow lamps.jpg
4T5 being lit by blow lamp2202 views33333
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The water brake is hooked up ready to unload2023 viewsThe Sutton crane is ready to lift the 17 ton weight33333
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arrive 2.JPG
Second lot of parts arrive at museum3970 viewsThese arrived at museum 11 October 200633333
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Next stage of the dismantling process2448 viewsTaken at the college w/c 2 Oct 2006.

Photograph courtesy of Maurice Clyde
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View of the air blast injector needle valve1625 viewsremoved for inspection33333
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The giant flywheel only just manages to fit up the museum drive2144 viewsThe flywheel can be seen just skirting the tree on the left33333
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Dismantling the engine at the college2416 viewsPhotographs showing the first stage of dismantling, taken last week in September 2006 by Maurice Clyde33333
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Photo of The 4L2.jpg
The 4L22406 views33333
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Pete gets caught photographing the photographer1598 viewsduring the presentation of the EHHS plaque May 200533333
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Piston and rod removed for cleaning1438 viewsRuston VXA33333
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Engine in situ at Perry Oaks Sewage Works1835 views33333
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Chairman of the IMechE Heritage Committee wows the volunteers with her footwear1369 viewsthey have measuring tapes up the back.

Prof Isobel Pollock - Chairman of IMechE Heritage Committee
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