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Perkins display stand1109 views33333
(4 votes)
Second lot of parts arrive at museum1913 viewsThese arrived at museum 11 October 2006
(4 votes)
slumbering giant946 views33333
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Geoff gives a brief history of where the engine came from 807 viewsStott Engine facts:
Built by SS Stott in 1903
Horizontal cross compound engine
Cylinders 12.5 inches and 22 inches by three inches
Flywheel 10 foot in diameter with a weight of 10 tons
HP Corliss Valves, LP Slide Valves
Indicated horsepower 200-250hp
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platform fitted to allow closer inspection of engine1022 views33333
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Gallery above the engine allows visitors to watch it all unfold below them1335 viewsLargest Steam Engine in Cheshire back in steam33333
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crowd gathers in anticipation1441 viewsLargest Steam Engine in Cheshire, 1st public run on Friday 23rd September 2011. First time in over 50 years.33333
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Valve before cleaning868 viewsRuston VXA33333
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Showing engine above and pump below 916 views33333
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the plaque.jpg
EHHS Plaque presented to the original Gardner 4L21101 viewsfrom the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMECHE), May 200533333
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the display coming together.jpg
Display cabinets being prepared1214 viewsit was difficult to know what to leave out - there was so much to chose from33333
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Jon Leigh with some opening remarks1226 viewsduring the presentation of the EHHS plaque May 200533333
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