The museum has changed a lot over the years, click here to see how we looked in 2003 (no front cover on this album) and for how we looked at end of season 2014, click on the highlighted date. 


NB it may take a little while to load the first time you click, there are a LOT of photographs it has to build up.


Do you want to build a museum engine?  


This is your chance to build an engine – without getting your hands dirty!  This link to our Gardner 4t5 jigsaw will test out your dexterity and special awareness.  We hope you enjoy completing it.  The record for assembly to date is 4 minutes 29 seconds for this 50 piece puzzle.  Let us know on our Facebook account if you manage to beat this time.


Click here to have a go at the jigsaw. when prompted click Run.  (The first time you use it may take a little while but after that should open fairly quickly.)


For some tips on using your jigsaw, click here.  Handy to print out and keep.



Latest news and photos  


We update our Facebook page with photos and incidents as they happen - click here for a link and please Like our page so you can see our news as it appears.



Engine Dating Enquiries  


The museum can provide a dating record service for Crossley, Tangye, Mirrlees, Blackstone and Gardner engines; even then we cannot guarantee that we have all the records but will provide what information we can from those available. To help us help you, please download and complete the attached form.  We currently can only handle queries via postal mail service not email requests.


Museum promo video on You Tube  


See a short promotional video about the museum on You Tube by clicking here.  A little artistic license but hopefully captures a real flavour of what we do at the museum. (NB be cafeful to only click once or you might open 2 windows and get an echo effect.)


Our thanks to Poynton Town Council and Mike Gallagher for the footage.  Earlier this summer a video "Welcome to Poynton" was produced and the museum had a short piece in that video, click here to see that video.  The Council and Mike have kindly allowed us to use extra footage taken for that video to have our own short promo video produced.


Mike Gallagher
Tel: 01625 871422 Mobile: 07899 89 1889 E-mail: mike.gallagher@btinternet.com

Follow us on social media sites  


We know that many of you have Facebook and/or Twitter accounts so do please use the buttons at the top of our site to follow us.


You can also find us on You Tube and Flickr if you want to see what we look like. 


We also have a stray cat that seems to have adopted us.  She too now has her own Facebook account  so if you want a rather unusual view of what we are getting up to you can follow her by clicking on the photo here.   




Wonderful Steampunk Calendar for 2015  


Some exciting news, if you want a copy of our charity calendar, photographs taken by Simon Brown with his Steampunk friends, they are available at £7.50* for which you get 13 original images of the Steampunks taken at the museum pritnted as a high quality calendar.


Postage in UK £2.80 (2nd class), Europe £5.25 and Australia/US/Canada £5.25 (surface mail).  We can take payment via PayPal, to order please send email to enquiry@enginemuseum.org

(*NB calendars only£7 to members of Friends Association)













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