Mirrlees Blackstone - Research and Development

In 1961 the division was provided with new laboratory and office accomodation.

The laboratory consists of an engine test area with siz test beds. Recording of normal and special engine parameters such as pressures, temparatures, and stresses etc., is carried out in a seperate acoustically insulated room in which are installed instrument consoles for each test bed. there is also a static test area used for the building and testing of experimental component research rigs, which includes airflow, stress analysis, fuel injection equipment, and control system test facilities.

Services available include:-

a) Metallurgy laboratory, equipped with an electron microscope, for the investigation of material quality, both for new products and existing components.

b) Chemistry laboratory for the analysis of materials, fuel and lubrication oils, water, exhaust gases etc.

c) Electronics laboratory for the servicing and maintenance of proprietary recording equipment and the design and manufacture of specialised equipment and transducers.

d) Machine shop and stores for the manufacture and modification of special engine and test rig components.

The office block includes accomodation for research and development engineers, designers and computer analysis. it also houses the library and a lecture theatre with film projection facilities.




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